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The Internet

The internet was created by Bobby Daggriveson on October  18th, 1978 in an effort to render all other technology obsolete by replacing our entire lives with the artefficiality of quick solutions, soda ads, and old arcade games like Pacman and things like that... a good idea in the essentials, but it didn't quite work out.

Global Warming

Global Warming is a theory scientists came up with stating that, in about 2052, the Earth is going to swell, grow to 6 billion degrees, and blow up. This will be caused by vital parts of the earth's pollution (like litter, toxic waste, and smoke) combining with each other to form an explosive gas called carbon tryoxide seeping into the earth's core, making it, again, in theory, a giant atom bomb. When the earth explodes, it will also blow up it's two closest planets, Mars and Mercury, which will both blow up the planets closest to them, until Venus blows up, and causes the sun to blow up, basically like an atomic explosion (except a million times bigger), which will blow up the next solar system, which will blow up the next, until all of the universe explodes in a chain reaction like lighting a fuse. And on that happy note, we bid you ado.

This is what the earth will look like just before it is blown into a billion, jillion pieces.

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